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UVC LED disc-shaped mobile sterilizer JLH2006UC-A combines the following characteristics 6 high-efficiency positive band UVC LEDs, 5 seconds of rapid sterilization or destruction of tenacious virus structure, sterilization rate can be as high as 99.999% ® original imported UVC LED lamp and intelligent control IC . . . no built-in battery, no false trigger, protection of young children, convenient boarding and consignment - no mercury, no ozone. Inline under-face lamp beads do not scatter, safe low voltage operation, energy saving, low temperature more reliable , mini handheld, built-in folding storage scaffolding, easy to carry.

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Blasting Features


Intelligently turn on 120 seconds, face- down embedded light source does not scatter, no built-in power supply, effectively prevent children from playing, avoid wrong trigger in pocket or handbags


Mercury-free non-toxic, straight-down light source allows independent user to control irradiation angle, all- six UV-C with accurate spectrum length does not produce Annoying ozone smell


Life- span of UVC LED bead can sustain more than 15,000 hours to ignore inconvenience of replacement!!


49 g light- weighted and easy to carry, hand-held convenient dexterity, inner foldable stands for fixed area application, disinfection tableware, masks, personal clothing and public places or during public- transport, carry-on or check-in are preferable!


6 original imported high-energy deep- ultraviolet UVC LED, under scientific conversion dose calculated, 10mm photo- distance in 3 seconds to remove 99.99% bacteria, or 5 seconds to destroy the tenacious virus DNA/ RNA


Economy: no need to add or replace the battery, power from computer USB, mobile phone OTG, Portable Power Bank can directly ignate, each disinfection programmed duration only consumes 0.2 watts of energy

Living environment is full of all kinds of bacterial fungi and viruse

Modern people because of high-speed transportation, the spread of bacteria is getting faster and wider; Coupled with the possible abuse of antibiotics in modern medicine, as well as the environmental hermon-filled, the body's immune system is deeply affected and weakened, so the best protection is --- Combat in vitro! ! UVC disk-type mobile sterilizer by notary to verify that up to 99.99% ultra-effective sterilization, ultraviolet- C light can effectively eliminate articles of hepatitis, pneumonia, influenza and other harmful viruses and bacteria, suitable for public transport, café restaurants, libraries, cash registers, bedding, toothbrush toilets and other household daily products disinfection, and can prevent disease or allergy. Help users stay away from the fear of viruses, create the best health and hygiene environment, and provide human beings with more peace of mind. Stay away from bacteria, is to cherish health!



UVC Sterilization is a gift of nature

UVC sterilization is a gift of nature: ULTRAviolet rays are divided into: UVA, UVB, UVC three, the sun shines in life is the largest source of ultraviolet light, but through the ionosphere, ozone layer ... After the obstacles are isolated, can reach the ground, mainly the disinfection capacity of the weak UVA, UVB, while UV-C rays that truly sterilizes is very faint, UV-C is the spectral frequency between 260 to 280 nM of ultraviolet light is isolated by the atmosphere outside the Earth. According to scientific experiments, this kind of ultraviolet light can effectively destroy microbial DNA RNA and eliminate microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses and dust mites. When a variety of microorganisms are removed, a variety of odors will disappear at the same time, no need of ozone that also achieves the effect of air purification. Now we do not hesitate to invest heavy finance, combined with stringent control of the production process to select the positive UVC band lamp beads, as well as built-in own intellectual power management IC and MCU, the whole MIT, strict shipment inspection, tightly guard you and you cherish all the beautifu

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The Dose and safety of UVC irradiation sterilization

Our product is equipped with UVC LED beads are subject to strict in- and Out- QC inspection, with angle of 120 degrees of secondary optical beams, inner- embedded installation, low- scattering, the radiation energy outside targeting range of is very low; The luminous energy in the area of exposure increases positively with the distance of exposure (ref. to Pic.), and then multiplies the time (seconds) to be the dose of sterilization; According to the research data of domestic and foreign science experts, it is summarized that slightly value sorting, such as schedule, for the home environment, public places and other objects and scenes that are not suitable for alcohol disinfection can play a huge protective effect, and some horticultural areas anthrax and aquatic bacteria algae, can also play the effect of destruction or derogation! Please pay special attention to: UVC is invisible light, at any time should avoid direct eyes to the naked eye or close to the skin for long periods of time (ref. to Pic., extremely close exposure of energy more than 2000 times the sun) to avoid injury and avoid children to play..

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